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Love Beyond Limits

Unbounded love, beyond all personal concepts, is our true nature, and it is within its infinitely loving embrace that the dance of life appears.

This love that is our source neither changes or grows and yet, seemingly separate, individual human beings emerge from within the changeless - and are changing.

Within the timeless, time has emerged and it is within this gift of time that we have been growing our circle of compassion:

Where once fellow humans were chained in slavery on plantations, this is long abolished.

Where once the planet and nature were solely for our plundering, now many are turning towards caring for it.

Where people have been separated from themselves, with fractured identity and brains that cannot begin to encompass love, therapy is helping them to heal and become whole.

All of these are outward demonstations of the underlying unity of love beyond limits that is their, and our, source - and the possibility to awaken into the depth of this love is open to you, right here and right now.

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