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Spiritual Enlightenment.....a new era is dawning

Growing numbers of people are sensing that there is a consciousness beyond ordinary everyday consciousness and, up until very recently, most would not then have much choice, or even considered any other avenue, but to turn to religion for information and answers.

As a result of this religious teachings have developed and spread across the world.

This default position has now radically changed. Instead of looking for answers in religious texts and doctrines, more and more people have begun to look elsewhere to find the answers to life’s mysteries – and some have begun turning within.

For such people, instead of accepting teachings which put the divine external to themselves such as in a ‘heaven’ and therefore out of earthly reach - except possibly for a handful of saints and sages, these people are looking for teachings that point directly to the divinity living within each one of us. Teachings that also show how it is possible to move beyond belief, dogma and tradition and to have a direct encounter with the mystical transcendent itself – right here and right now...and not only encounter this, but actually eventually come to reside and abide in, and as, the transcendent ground of all being.
They are coming home.

On their journey, such seekers are coming face to face with a number of beliefs about the nature of identity, truth and reality - and what these really mean for their lives.
Unfortunately much of what is available is still based in the previous paradigm and has not yet caught up with the needs of the newer, and evolutionary, movement.

On this site I pick out, and then clarify, some areas of confusion or misunderstanding that I have come across…. to help make the most important journey of your life that bit easier, more straightforward and fruitful.

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