Hello and Welcome...

There is a phenomena happening that goes beyond anything that we have previously seen. 

There is an awakening within people that brings with it the very real possibility of our emergence from the strife, struggle, addictions and fear that so many currently live with, an awakening that brings with it the possibility of our moving in to a life of exceptional harmony, peace, fulfilment and enchantment on our beautiful planet.

This transformation is able to take place because, for the first time in our human history, we have the ability to not only look back and see in detail how humanity has evolved up to now - but with that knowledge we now have the option to participate in actually shaping the next stage of our evolution, shaping it in such a way that that we can finally move beyond our crisis and conflict filled history.

That we can do this is very new - no other species in the world can look upon its own progress and have the ability to change its destiny. 

The Message in the Mess

The springboard for this leap forward requires the recognition that the current turmoil and challenges to the old ways of doing things, whether in the banking, health, environmental, corporate, governmental, consumer, communication, educational or spiritual systems are actually a natural part of the radical transformation we are undergoing and heralds an awakening which can result in us finally being able to address to the real roots of personal and global conflict and the pillaging of the earth's resources.

These roots are lodged deeply within an age old misunderstanding of who we really are, and is bound up by beliefs that keep us small, isolated, fear based and prone to seeing other people, animals and the planet as 'other' and objects that are ripe for the picking. 

In such an environment people will fight for money, position and commodities - sometimes/often despite the terrible human, animal and ecological costs of this.

For this out of date way of being to change we need to approach the whole, and old, problem in a fresh and new way, and that is what people are waking up to. 
We need to reclaim who we really are and to do this use the transformative power of the combination of authentic spiritual enlightenment, profound personal healing and a deep alignment with our individual soul's unique expression. 

By linking these three areas together we can most easily move into alignment with the evolutionary river that is not only flowing through each of us, but is each of us, simply because the previous blocks and cul-de-sacs are left behind and no longer curtail and constrict the expansion and freedom that the next evolutionary step brings with it.

As we align with this evolutionary life force we naturally become an agent for the co-creation of our evolution, as well as a new type of human being, as it works through us. As the new emerges the old ways of being - based on who we once were - are gradually left behind. 

Beyond Belief

I am not talking about an idea, or dogma or belief or wishful thinking, I am talking about your own direct and embodied existence as the divinity that you really are - and from there you pave the way for a completely new human experience of life that is far grander than we have had a chance to experience so far. .

To help facilitate this next step in our evolution I have put together a number of very specific on-line courses and resources, based on over 30 years of both direct personal experience and the outcome of numerous courses, workshops and retreats. , 

These courses are very practical and experiential and show you how you can go beyond limitations and cultural beliefs about what it is to be human and actually open into the magnificent expression of the one source - which sages have pointed to over eons - that is who you really are. 
You will also have tools to repair the impact of your past and learn how to align with your true purpose.

It is the experiential awakening into these three areas that changes everything...

At this moment the courses, together with this website, are all being updated and I am saddened that I don't have more to offer you right now, but please sign up for my newsletter - I wont send you lots of emails and I don't share details - and I can let you know when there is an update.

We co-create evolution together