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Many people around the globe have had a sense, or vision, of a possible world that has found peace and love. A planet where individuals are able to live lives of meaning and fulfilment, in harmony with others and in balance with nature. 

The First Awakening

For the first time in history we are at a point where we can now realistically begin to turn this vision into reality. This is because we have already begun taking  part in a number of awakenings.

To begin with we are the first people that are able to both look back into our own history and see clearly where we have come from, and at the same time also have sufficient knowledge of practical mechanisms for change to put together a workable plan for our future.

We are now awakening to the realisation that it is in our power to effectively participate in something truly magnificent - self directed evolution, chosen and guided by us.

The Second Awakening

The second awakening that is taking place is that we are also the first of our species to, in large numbers, to awaken directly into enlightenment – to awaken as the source and ground of all life and who we really are.

That this is taking place is in itself profoundly transformative at the deepest and subtlest levels of our human psyche, as it neatly whisks us beyond any sense that we are separate individuals or that the world is itself separate from us, both beliefs which underpin the suffering, fear and strife that is currently plaguing our world. 

On awakening into Oneness,  all beliefs of separation instantaneously dissolve in the clarity that is unveiled, a clear seeing which is also sometimes called nondual awareness. 


But whilst this awakening is necessary and fundamental, it is not by itself sufficient as will be abundantly clear if we consider the financial, sexual and other scandals surrounding many people who have a glimpse beyond the veil of the illusion of separation, but are still under it's shadow.

The Third Awakening

In order to achieve our fullest potential, awakening into our One nature is served by waking up into other areas of our lives. In the past these have often been dismissed in established teachings on awakening, but they are actually all interrelated and a part of the rich tapestry of extraordinary human transformation 

Within the fundamental awakening into the absolute truth of who we are, other arenas of awakening simultaneously occurring within the world of relative reality. 

These include awakening to the impact of childhood on our brain and the very real legacy of that on our ability to be, and see, the truth of who we are in our relationships.

The Fourth Awakening

We are also awakening to the reality of our individual Soul, and aligning with it's purpose as a unique aspect of the infinite Oneness.

The Fifth Awakening

As we participate in these awakenings we are also awakening to the realisation that we need to learn ways to effectively tend, support and enhance the entire process of evolutionary transformation.

As we and do so we are setting in motion a trajectory that will enable us to achieve escape velocity from our strife ridden, and separation based, world and into the future we know in our depths is possible.

You might consider now what the world you would like to see might be like?



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