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Module 4: The Soul

One of the most fulfilling results of my on-going internal journey was when I realized that I had a soul. 

Until that point I had no idea what a soul was, or the riches that it would ultimately bring to my life. Yes, I had heard the term ‘soul’ but I had absolutely no idea what that really meant. Whenever I considered the idea, and I was curious about it, there was only a blank.

Was the soul simply a concept? I had wondered, or possibly an imaginary and wishful thinking for something beyond the personal and human to bring comfort to the distressed?

Even if it did exist, even if I did have a soul, what use could it possibly be?


That all completely changed the day that I discovered that I had an actual living soul and that its existence was a tangible and practical part of my life and that its presence was a vital ingredient of the equation for becoming whole.


At the moment I became aware of my soul I was overtaken with the immense love and compassion that is its nature, a love that embraced and accepted me totally without conditions or judgment. That moment changed forever how I saw myself, and also how I saw everyone else...

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