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I am in the process of uploading audios that speak of our real nature, our un-tapped potential and the global evolutionary awakening now taking place.

As you have come to this page, it is likely that you too are resonating with a new way of being.

There is no map for this, either you or for me, as it is emerging through each one of us, moment by moment, and it is emerging as us.

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From The Archives

Short Excerpt - London Satsang July 2014 
'Until liberation there can only ever be a seeker'


Many people hear that seeking awakening is wrong somehow since it re-affirms separation.
This is because identifying as a seeker assumes that there is somewhere, or something, that you are not.
But the fact is that none of us can do other than seek until Awakening. It is only at this point that it becomes clear that there never really was anyone who was seeking, and what was being sought is, and always has been, what you already are.

'Being: Who You Really Are'

December 2014    49mins

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