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Our Planet, Our Home

Andina seers

On any journey it helps to have a map that gives an idea of where we have been, where we are now, and what lies ahead.

Unlike traditional spiritual teachings where the individual's life is rarely explored, in unitive awakening the potential for complete transformation is much greater.


However at the moment we dont yet have handbooks that hold the overview that transcendent enlightenment is natural and also that personal growth is healthy - or how to go about both together.

In your journey of awakening you will be exploring four main areas of awakening; the transcendent, the individual, the planetary and the process

Opening in to each of these individually, and together, builds a whole that offers us a real possibility for a truly integrated spirituality.

Below is an overview of four main areas of awakening. 



The name Gaia is of greek origin and means 'earth mother'.

Awakening into this area of consciousness, revered by many indigenous peoples, takes us beyond the sense of separation between us and the planet, and directly into inter-beingness with all life including animals, plants and also the natural world of the streams and mountain.


Here you can discover ways to care and regenerate our sacred planet, as well as your place within it.

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