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A Toolkit for Transformation

Andina seers

On any journey it helps to have a map that gives an idea of where we have been, where we are now, and what lies ahead.

Unlike traditional spiritual teachings where the individual's life is rarely explored, in unitive awakening the potential for complete transformation is much greater.


However at the moment we dont yet have handbooks that hold the overview that transcendent enlightenment is natural and also that personal growth is healthy - or how to go about both together.

In your journey of awakening you will be exploring four main areas of awakening; the transcendent, the individual, the planetary and the process

Opening in to each of these individually, and together, builds a whole that offers us a real possibility for a truly integrated spirituality.

Below is an overview of four main areas of awakening. 

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Transcendent Enlightenment

This area of awakening, sometimes also called nonduality, involves opening into the mystical ground of being.

Spiritual teachers down the ages, and around the globe, have described our true nature as an undivdied Oneness that is the ground and source of everything - including me and you.


Direct transcendent nondual awakening into our infinite and formless nature, not merely belief or dogma, is an important aspect of unitive spiritual enlightenment.



Soul Self

Your Soul can be likened to the blueprint for the unique being that you are, with your natural talents, creativity and gifts.

Your Soul covers a wide territory including healing, recovery and personal growth, as well as specific areas such as our subtle energetic system, awakening intuition and developing empathy and authenticity.

What we have been taught about who we are and our place on the planet is far smaller than is either natural or healthy, and the biggest gift you can bring to the world is your whole, and awakening self, showing up. 


The Awakening Process

Coming out of over 40 years of my own awakening journey, as well as the journeys of the many people I have worked with during this time, this area provides an overview of the actual process of awakening and its stages.


It is a practical guide for opening into transcendent enlightenment, soul awakening and planetary consciousness. 


Included are tips on ways to support your journey and manage your transformation, self care and wellbeing.

Also covered is how to integrate transcendent conscousness into everyday life, as well as the challenges and choices that often arise.

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