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We are living in very challenging times and the big question we face is - despite our ingenuity and best efforts we seem to have four basic choices ahead of us, one is to continue heading towards what appears to be the destruction of ourselves and our environment, the second option is that we manage to more or less stabilize where we are now, or the third option is to work to try to gradually improve the situation, or the fourth where we consciously evolve and head towards a barely imaginable future based on our highest potential...and love?

My name is Andina Seers and I am interested in the fourth option, that is how we can become midwives to consciously guide ourselves successfully through these pivotal times and embrace wider horizons as to who we are and what is actually really possible for us.

I invite you to join me on our journey to wholeness.

I am updating and expanding the site with new material; some pages may be down for a while and I apologize for any inconvenience.

Andina seers


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