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Enlightenment, Authenicity and Purpose

Andina seers



My name is Andina Seers and I am a contemporary visionary and spiritual teacher.

I am interested in Humanity's evolution and the emergence of a new type of human being, grounded in both the mystical infinite and the embodied whole-hearted individual.

On this site I share ways to discover directly for yourself our greatest potential as both human and spiritual beings.

I am also updating the site at the moment, so not everything is online yet, but please sign up for my newsletter, or drop back again soon - remember if you are here then you are probably part of the newly emerging humanity and we are helping each other to move beyond the separation and into a new, and sustainable, way of being on this planet.



We have the opportunity to take part in an evolutionary leap in consciousnesss.

Direct spiritual awakening into the mystical source of all life, previously only known by a few sages, together with profound personal growth, are becoming readily available to us now.

As we awaken into both of these we embrace a truly Unitive Spirituality, one that transcends the previous division between Eastern teachings on Enlightenment and the Western Human Potential movement, something which is really needed right now if we are serious about moving through these very challenging times. 

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