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Soul Awakening


how to

Uncover your Soul


Awakening into the Domain of the Soul

The first challenge with awakening experientially into your soul is to know where, and how, to look for it.

Overlayed with cultural messages about who we are, often passed down through the generations, becomeing clear usually takes a little while.


Developing Discernment


To begin with, if you have a meditation practice that will be a good beginning and regular practice of this twice a day, even if just for a few minutes, will be an important foundation.

If you dont have a pratice, consider putting in place one you like.


The next area to explore is recovering from your past. Doing this helps to clear the way for your unique self to begin to shine through more clearly.

Coming soon to this site is a resource specifically designed to help with healing the past as part of Unitive Enlightenement.


Practical life skills is one of the areas that people are most surprised about when I mention it, but if you tend to be disorganised then part of embodied awakening is going to be developing some practical organisational skills.

This will not ony help you manage your energy and time for your awakening, it will also help you to express your souls gifts and abilities as these develop, and especially your 'beingness', in the most effective ways.

Opening into the more subtle human areas of awakening which include our energetic system, our sense of belonging, empathy, intuition and authenticity are also aspects that will be part of your Soul Awakening.

Resources for this will be available here shortly.


These areas of Awakening take time, but if you do a little each day the cumalative benefits will be huge.


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