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Not By Chance But By Choice

Our Evolution Isn't Just About The Past

We have made considerable strides in technology, medicine, and renewable energy to name but a few of our accomplishments, but have largely overlooked our potential for internal transformation.

When most people think about evolution, if they ever think about it at all, it is usually through a lens focused on the distant past and the fossils of dinosaurs and the now-extinct mammals that once walked on the planet or the remains of our cave-dwelling ancestors.


From this perspective, our evolution appears to essentially be behind us. 


After all, many of us now live in huge cities and have the internet connecting us across the globe, self-driving cars are becoming commonplace, renewable fuel sources are coming online, and there are ongoing developments in medicines and technology, as well as increasing rights for disabled and marginalized people. 


On the surface it can look like that apart from some ongoing improvements, we have essentially reached the peak of our human development, and for a bipedal ape that not so long ago was living in caves, we have made huge strides.


Looking into the future, books and films usually envision people as basically the same as now, with more or less the same kinds of values and ideals, even if we are living on Mars, traversing galaxies at light speed, augmenting our bodies with amazing prosthetics or even uploading our consciousness into a supercomputer.


The focus of the lens to the future is on our external developments and rarely are the possibilities for our internal transformation considered. 


It will be humans, more or less as we know ourselves now that will be living in the future,


But what if our current stage of internal development is merely just that, a stage that we have reached up to now, and is a preparation for the next stage of our human evolution?

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