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Recovery and Our Awakening Brain

As Beings seeking to participate in our own conscious evolution we are going to need to come into truth about our upbringing.

This is not merely an intellectual understanding, or a place to overlay cultural beliefs such as ‘it all happened for a reason’ but instead actually to reclaim and integrate areas of the past that would otherwise prevent us from stabilizing into the new consciousness.

Our understanding about recovery from early life trauma has gone through a number of stages, from dismissal of it’s importance and injunctions to ’put the past behind you’ to a growing recognition of the need for the truth about what has happened to be embraced - that is if we want to experience the fullest of our awakening potential.

This change of view has been largely led by the growing scientific understanding of how different parts of our brain develop, and the vital role our upbringing plays in the health of our growing brain.

We now understand that as part of our evolutionary development our species we gave up the survival mechanism of being able to be up and running shortly after birth, like a newborn deer or horse does so they can run away from danger.

Instead we needed to develop a larger, and more complex, brain system.

The downside of this is that our head started to became too big to now safely pass through our mother’s pelvis.

Nature solved this challenge by resorting to a child now being born with a brain which was only partially grown, a brain whose development now needed to be completed outside of the womb, where it now came under the direct influence the people around the child in the early years of life.

The important thing here is that whilst developing through childhood the cells of all the different parts of our brain, the neurons, actually grow and wire up together as a direct response to what we are experiencing in our lives.

The actual architecture of your brain, and what it can subsequently do, is physically sculpted, neuron by neuron, by these early interactions.

Therefore healthy growth is reliant on the right kind of connection, from the right kinds of input, from parents and caretakers around us.

Within such relationship there are a number of specific requirements that must be met in order for the growing brain system to be able to physically grow all of it’s component structures to their full biological potential.

This is a very new understanding about ourselves - that our brain is literally shaped by our experiences and that what happened to us are remain not merely as memories or ideas, but as the building blocks that will impact our abilities for the rest of our lives.

If parents and caretakers are not emotionally, psychologically and spiritually healthy, then their interactions with the child will be missing vital components, much like a lack of nutrients. They will also be over supplying unhealthy components.

Your brain is designed to do the maximum amount of learning, growing and connecting up different parts during your child hood. The growth of each individual area, communication within each area, and communication between the three different areas requires that as a child you have a safe, stable and loving home environment and that those around you respond to your needs in ways that build a stable foundation for the rest of life.

This enables awakening into, and as, the infinite to stabilize and integrate all parts including the personal and transcendent.

If we want to see the world that we know could be possible, then we each need to heal our own brain, and fortunately we now know that the human brain, with focussed attention and effort, can re-grow and re-wire it’s physical structure for decades after any injury took place.


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