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Healing from the impact of the past

This area of Awakening involves our very human biology and comes out of the developments in brain imaging, neuroscience and interpersonal sciences, all of which have begun to uncover how our human brain, and with it our sense of self, really develops.

This has led to a greater understanding about the long term impact our upbringing has not only on our development, relationship with ourselves and each other, but also it's far reaching impact on our ability to Awaken most fully into our True Nature, the One source, as well as opening into our Soul and discovering our purpose.


Unintegrated areas from our past are like knots which constrict the natural expansion of who we are.

Because all areas of our beingness are inextricably linked, the other side is that Awakening into Enlightenment also results in a gradual dissolving of all the issues of the past as we come more and more into our True Nature

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