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Transcendence and Trauma

Begins 19th May 2020   

Andina seers

Opening into the Infinite and the Individual

Have you come to a place in your life where you recognize that spiritual transcendence and recovery from your past both have an important role in your life?


Would you like to have a unique space to experientially open into your infinite and timeless divine nature, whilst you also wholeheartedly meet, and heal, the impact of your past?

Then this course may be for you.

Over our eight 1.5 hour sessions together you will discover how the past not only limits your current life...but that it limits the fullest opening into spiritual enlightenment.


There will also be an ongoing invitation to awaken directly into our sacred source - the ground of all being - that spiritual teachers, saints and sages have pointed to throughout the ages. 

Join me in this unique time on the planet for this unique gathering. 



Begins Tuesday19th May 2020

8 x 1.5 hour Zoom sessions every fortnight 

7pm British Summer Time


Course Fees

As part of our working consciously together, you are the one who identifies how much you contribute to our sessions.

I really want you to feel welcome to attend, and I also need to cover costs so that sessions are dynamic and sustainable,

I have made many investments in order to make this offer available - beyond simply my time and over 40 years of experience, and this also includes tools, research, media production, overheads, teaching resources, web and IT development, and much more.

£240, which is £30 per session: This is the sustainable level.

Those who contribute more, for example £350, make it possible for me to be able to include people whose circumstance are more limited. 


£160, which is £20 per session: This honorably covers the “hard marginal costs” of your attending this course.


Some valued participants can only afford a lower amount. Just go ahead and identify it, down to £80.

Fill in the Message 'Andina box' below if you need to discuss other options, or if you have a query.


If you find that this course is not for you, then I offer a full refund anytime within the first 4 sessions.

I am looking forward to seeing you on the 19th May 2020

 Signup for the 'Transcendence and Trauma' Online Course

You will shortly then receive an email with further details

Thank you for your mesage, Andina :)

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