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"Every time you are tempted to let a Flashback go unaddressed ask yourself
if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future ?".


Your Soul's Voice

'Your Soul communicates with you every moment of every day and the problem is that early on you will have learned to not hear this clearly and have instead become blind and deaf to the energy and information that is flowing, or attempting to flow, through you and into the world' ~Andina

Whats New At The WHU
This section was initially formed principally to keep participants on the Coach-in-Training Course up to date on all the work that was taking place behind the scenes to set up the new website, introductory course, eNewsletters etc that go to form the foundation for inviting people to the University so that Coaches who had completed all their Modules and were transiting their own transformation into the transpersonal dimensions, and had regular Layer 4 Mentoring in place, would then be able to start working in a paid capacity next year - and I had planned to leave a path for others to follow.
This section also formed part of the learning for Coaches as to what actually needs to take place, and how to do this, in order to get a successful practice up and running.
As part of the new restructuring of the University this doesn't apply in the same way so the 'Whats New At The WHU' section is no longer part of the format.  Coaches will still be updated because they are participating in the creation of this material.
General information will still be available vie the eNewsletters.
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Layer 3 Magazine
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