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Andina seers

We are living in very challenging times and the big question we face is - despite our ingenuity and best efforts are we heading towards the destruction of ourselves and our environment, or are we going to be able to keep things more or less the same, or can we evolve and head towards a barely imaginable future based on our highest potential...and love?

My name is Andina Seers and I am interested in how we can become midwives to consciously guide ourselves successfully through these pivotal times and embrace wider horizons as to what is actually really possible for us.

Below are my ongoing Projects and I invite you to join me on our journey to wholeness.

I am updating and expanding the site with new material; some pages may be down for a while and I apologize for any inconvenience.







Human Transformation not by Chance but by Choice

 Taking an active role in the evolution of our species

Footprints in the sand at sunset_edited.png







Recovering from the past including Addictions, Relationship Challenges and more... 

Unintegrated areas of our past are knots that constrict the natural expansion of our fullest potential.


Animal Extinction.

Where did it all go so wrong?

Currently, we are experiencing a massive extinction of animal species worldwide, an outcome of urban sprawl, land development, deforestation, agriculture, logging, industry, mining, and hunting for furs, trophies and medicinal parts.

In our oceans intensive fish farming brings parasites and diseases to indigenous wild fish, trawling denudes sea life, and marine mammals are hunted for their oil, skins, or sale as aquarium attractions. 

Pesticides kill off an entire species - and then the animals and birds that feed on them either accumulate the toxins, or else have nothing left to eat, and either way, then move steadily towards their own extinction. 

On top of all of this global climate disruption is putting another major stressor on to many vulnerable species.


Below is a visual remembrance, that will play automatically, of just a few of the species that we have shared our planet with - and will not see again, and audio you can play to accompany this.


In the final section is what I believe to be the underlying reason this destruction can take place, and what you can do to become the change we need to see in the world.

PLAY: Requim For Lost Co-Beings

Our ability to create so much ongoing devastation rests on a deep misunderstanding about who we really are, a misunderstanding based on separation - that we are separate from each other, separate from nature and separate from the sacred.

To successfully make our way out of the climate, cultural, financial, and habitat chaos that we have created, we need to move past our centuries-old beliefs that limit who we really are and work together to step into our wholeness. 

As we do this our life-limiting patterns can naturally begin to fall away, our underlying values upgrade from survival to connection and our sphere of consciousness expands to reflect, and express, more and more of our unity.

This is what will finally make it possible to co-create a world where there is a place of co-existence for all beings, human and animal.

To do this we each individually, and collectively, need to consciously focus deeply into our own internal world, heal our traumas, discover our unique gifts, build our authenticity and open ever more into our sacredness...and to from then take the wisdom gained out into action in the world.... so that we can be, and see, the change we are wanting on this beautiful planet of ours.

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