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My name is Andina and I am a visionary, a teacher of nonduality and member of the Centre for Nondual Awareness, a community of teachers sharing nondual awareness widely and deeply. 

I have worked for over three decades as a therapist, writer, speaker and group facilitator with a deep interest in the fields of recovery and global human potential. 

After a spontaneous spiritual awakening into nondual awareness, I then also began offering sessions, satsangs and retreats pointing directly to nondual awakening, together with exploring the potential for humanity to evolve and encompass awakening in its totality, as both a multi-layered human being and also as the timeless and infinite divine ground of being, thus integrating what it means to be simultaneously both human and divine. 

As my awakening deepened and expanded, and as I addressed areas of my own constriction, I founded a non-residential community, which ran for several year, where participants met regularly to explore the seeming paradox of multilayered awakening as both a human being and as divine love. 

This led to the realisation that enlightenment entails us not only waking up into our infinite and divine nature but also opening up, and flowering, as individual and unique human beings, and an ongoing investigation as to what our living realisation of this might require, as well as unpacking some of the challenges, and gifts, of our fullest awakening…and what this could ultimately mean for the future of humanity.

Having had a break for a couple of years, I will be resuming sessions in 2018.

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