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What is Evolutionary Awakening?

Evolutionary awakening offers a framework to help us understand, and ameliorate, the existential predicament humanity is currently facing.


Much of what is being offered to deal with the existential challenges we are facing rests on the mainstream belief that if we just sort one particular thing out we will be fine.

Better and newer technology is a strong contender for this role, so are more rules to corral our behavior or better resource management.

Less mainstream but becoming more common is the role of healing our childhood and generational wounds so that these don’t impact us in the present or pass on to the next generation, as well as moving beyond our patriarchal disenfranchisement of the feminine.

Again not very common is inhabiting our sovereignty and actioning our soul’s purpose, and even less common is developing our capacity to be smarter at thinking and at making sense.


Essentially all of these, whilst important, also serves to cast humans as remaining more or less as we are now but with upgrades, tweaks or bolt-ons.

I don’t think this will be enough because it doesn’t get to the heart of the drivers of our current way of being, drivers which ca us, each other, and the world as fundamentally separate from each other. In so doing so we can easily form an ‘I-it’ relationship with everything, inter of an ‘us’ 

We need to replace this sense of separation which has generated our existential predicament with a new understanding, and narrative, about who we really are.

For me this means embracing the wisdom that has been handed down through the centuries, but has often not been fully embraced, 

Andina seers


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