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Part 1: A New Enlightenment Narrative...

Down through our history, and dotted around different parts of the planet like the occasional blooming of an extremely rare and exotic flower, there have been a few people who have opened into a mystical consciousness profoundly different from normal every-day awareness. 

​ ​

The Buddha, Jesus Christ, Lao Tzu and the prophet Mohamed are some examples of such people who underwent a profound and radical alteration in perception, and in doing so discovered that the true nature of reality, behind and beyond what appears on the surface - is an unbounded oneness, a unity beyond time and space - a unity which is also the ground of being and from within which all life arises.

Names given to this revelation have included: Enlightenment, Liberation, and Awakening - all of which allude to a radically freeing perception of the nature of life itself.

Each of these teachers, and the traditions that formed around them, also related what encountering this reveletion was like. 

To experience this larger consciousness was to experience paradise, and the different cultures each again gave a name to this. In the Hindu traditions it became known as Moksha, in Buddhist traditions - Satori, and in Christian traditions - Heaven.

Up until now the vast majority of cultural narratives have also said that this mystical consciousness is extremely rare and only happened ‘Once upon a time ’ to a mere handful of saints and sages. 

However the nature of this transcendent consciousness has also been described as infinite, limitless and timeless, and therefore doesn’t just belong in the past, or even in the future - for those that are awaiting a saviour. 

This liberation, this freedom, is alive within each of us, right here and right now, but this is not what we have generally been taught about ourselves so far, and it is now time for a more comprehensive narrative, and a new one is beginning to ring out. 

The new narrative says that we are no longer limited to looking over our shoulder at those who have gone before us in order to get a hint at our true nature, no longer do we have to stand with one foot in the past and rely on ancient texts to describe something that can seem like a myth...and especially no longer do we have to rely totally on belief, faith or dogma.

The new narrative has at its core the recognition that there is a real possibility to actually awaken into the same mystical reality that the spiritual teachers have pointed to for over two thousand years, and that there is a tangible possibility for you too to discover the magnificence of who, and what, you really are. 

Already around the globe many people, who would generally be considered the 'person next door', have found out directly for themselves that this new narrative is accurate as they too have awakened into oneness, opening directly into the non-dual unity which is our true identity.

After such awakenings, more and more people are also now sharing this, and pointing not only to our underlying unity but also pointing out that the nature of this unity is a love that is beyond bounds.

Over time this new narrative will replace the previous one, although not before adherents to the old ways have put up resistance to the change. 

But with each person that opens into their/our true divine nature, the sacred one source of all life, and also awakens into the multiple aspects of our divine human nature, we will each become more and more able to take a radically new step in our evolution and begin to be able to at last co-create a very new world – one with unity and love as its very foundation.


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