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Part 1: Overview of Our Evolutionary Awakening

In the past the narrative about who we are and what we can accomplish as a species has in been driven by a old story - one of separation and strife that radically distorts and disrupts our real potential.

There is a newer, truer and more wholehearted narrative that leads us beyond the fear, hatred and destruction of both species and resources that has been occurring.

A new understanding of who we are is now emerging and taking us into a new vision, and version, of humanity - one of unity, connection and co-creation.


One example of the emergence of the new is that, until recently, spiritual enlightenment has been believed to be the province of a only a few saints and sages, beings who awakened into an underlying unity that transcends our usual sense as a separate individual - living within a world of separation. Instead they described an undivided oneness that is our true identity, who we really are and the ground of our being.

As part of the new narrative, something amazing is now happening as an evolution in our consciousness is taking place. 

Whilst still relatively rare, many more people throughout the world are now also waking up into this unity, and discovering directly for themselves our true and undivided nature. ​

The Individual

Simultaneously there is an equally profound evolution taking place within the depths of our individuality.

Again, once only the province of a few, many people are now also waking up in to the multiple aspects of embodied human consciousness.

These include new ways to relate with themselves, each other and the planet, the healing of traumatic wounding, the emergence of empathy and intuition as natural life skills, the real nature and value of love - as well as identifying, and aligning, with our soul's unique and inherent passion and purpose.​

The Infinite and the Individual

Initially both these new areas of awakening can seem to be part of a paradox: Whilst direct spiritual awakening is encountered in the unity that is beyond any identity as a separate individual, at the same time direct personal awakening takes place with that very same and separate individual psyche.​

When faced with this people generally ask is "How can both be accurate and true, one is completely beyond the individual and the other is totally within the individual?" This was certainly a conundrum for me for while.

"What is now emerging is that it is becoming clear that spiritual enlightenment and personal growth are actually not two different things, but rather two sides of the same sacred coin - and that they co-exist, and can co-arise, together"

Another way to look at is is that each aspect can be likened to an atom, and each atom when put together with the other, can now make something new - a molecule. This doesn't change either component, but instead together they now form a greater totality.​

Our New Evolutionary Awakening

In our new narrative people are actively seeking to take part in a direct awakening into both the very highest of our transcendent and infinite spiritual self, as well in to the depth and breadth of our unique, and divine, individuality.

Participating in to both our transcendent and human spheres not only radically enhances the possibilities, potentiality and ultimately the freedom inherent within each one, it also means we are actively taking part in the evolution of humanity.


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