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Part 2: The Pathless Path of Spiritual Enlightenment...

For many people their journey of awakening into enlightenment begins with either hearing or reading about a consciousness that is very different from the everyday.

For some there may also simply be a subtle knowing that there is somehow more to life than it first seems, and others may have had a glimpse of a deeper and truer reality.

As people explore this further, turning their attention towards something that seems to somehow reside both within and at the same time beyond their awareness, many begin to intuit or sense that there is an underlying inter-connectedness, a unity, that exists behind the everyday world of separation.

There is a sense that what they know so far of life, a world of separate people, separate places and separate things, is underpinned by a wholeness that is not yet fully seen.

"Although not apparent at this time, what is taking place is that the, as yet seemingly unknown True Self, has begun calling itself home"

Turning the Corner

At some point in their journey an aperture spontaneously opens and, like the turning of a corner in a street, a previously hidden but already ever-present vista suddenly springs into view.

Where before there were merely ideas, beliefs, understandings and teachings that pointed towards our underlying, and undivided, reality - all of this is now gives way to the direct seeing of our seamlessly whole true nature.

The One Self is Waking up to Itself as All

The Journey Ends - and We Were Always Home

Turning this fundamental corner and waking up into our infinite oneness is the end of the seeking - the world as we once knew it has been seen through....and it also becomes clear that at every stage of the journey we were actually already home.


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