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Waking Up to Your Soul

One of the fundamental elements of our Evolutionary Transformation is to experientially open up into our Soul.

What is a Soul?

Your Soul, and you may choose to call it something else as the the term is loaded with cultural ideas and religious beliefs, is a unique manifestation of the One divine consciousness, an individual ray of the infinite.

It the centre, and heart, of the unique person that you are. If you like it is your blueprint, and for each one of us there are a collection of features that go to make up who we each are, as distinct from anyone, and everyone, else.

Soul Self

Everyone has their own traits and preferences, and each aspect whether it is your hair colour or skin tone, your way of thinking, food that you like or dislike, fabrics or colour’s that appeal or don’t, types of home environments that you like to live in, sports and pastimes, work or hobbies and even the pets your choose are just some of the facets that contribute to the ever emerging individual you are.

Added together the totality of these mean that you are different from every other person and each of these unique features is also the hallmark, the signature, of your individual Soul expressing itself into the physical world.

Soul Scape

Like a daffodil bulb will always become a daffodil, and a tulip bulb will always become a tulip, your Soul is the blueprint for the unique being that you are - your ‘you-ness’ - with your totally unique combination of abilities and traits, your Soul DNA.

We all have a unique viewpoint on the world and a unique collection of gifts

Flowering of the Soul

Your Soul also contains much more, and is a far grander version of each individual, than has been widely understood so far.

Unraveling these from our cultural beliefs, fears about money and earning a living, as well as the early conditioning that together has left us so much smaller than we really are.

Waking up into the fullness of the unique being you are opens up a range of dimensions of awareness, and gifts, that have often lain fallow for years, if not decades, and as you connect with these it becomes clearer and easier to identify, orientate and then align with your Soul’s deepest impulses.

As a result of this life begins to flower open, with vitality and wonderment, and the ongoing opportunity to share of who you are and participate in your greatest life.

Living your souls purpose is the very foundation of fulfillment.

Enlightenment and the Soul

The topic of Soul consciousness has become a bit of a Cinderella in the Enlightenment world as it focusses on the separate individual and not on the ultimate unity of all things.

Yet your unique individual self will be expressing the divine Oneness into its own manifestation, and providing a unique viewpoint for Oneness to see and experience the world - to itself.

This viewpoint will cease when you die, and because the Infinite contains all possible combinations that are ever emerging, like a river ceaselessly flowing, we never actually step into the same river twice.

Merging into your Soul’s fullest manifestation is to become one with the individual expression of the One source to the fullest.

As part of our evolution into a new species the biggest gift we can bring to the world all of ourselves.


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