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Where the Individual meets the Infinite

Many people are beginning to question the old narratives about life and wonder if there is more to their lives than merely going along with what they have been told.

The old stories would probably have hung on a bit longer if we had not had to stop ignoring the impact of them on the environment where the repercussions have simply become so great that a line is now being drawn.

Many are also intuiting that there must be more to life the simply eating, sleeping, working, watching television and taking holidays. Below the surface of our lives we feel a vibration that calls from our very depths….calls us to look beyond our everyday life, calls us to discover who, and what we really are, and the true purpose of our life…it calls us to awaken.

Most people hear the call to awaken more than once before realisation gradually dawns that, despite what we have been raised to believe, the answers to life’s deepest questions and longings are not to be found in earning more money, a new partner, a thinner waistline, a better job, updating our IT, remodeling our home or upgrading to a new car.

By the time we realize this, our quest for answers has actually been underway for some time, we have just been looking in the wrong place, been looking outside of ourselves for the answers when what we really need is to turn our focus and seek within….where, with perseverance, we discover something way more profound than merely everyday life, we discover that each of us is a focal point where the infinite divine emerges as a 'me' .

June 7th, 2020


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