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Women's Enlightenment ~ Lesser Children of God

Women have as much ability to awaken into Spiritual Enlightenment as men, however, the message that Enlightenment is for men only still persists in at least four significant ways.

One is the overt message, handed down through many traditions and generations, that simply states that women are lesser beings and can't open into Enlightenment.

The other ways are more subtle but equally powerful.

This is best seen encapsulated in the common image of a male spiritual teacher holding forth about Enlightenment, and the devotees, mostly women, surrounding him at his feet.

Another is that we still have a male driven model of Enlightenment which focuses on the transcendent half of Enlightenment, and excludes the embodied, grounded and relational ~ the other human half of the fullest Enlightenment.

The third of these subtle aspects is that a woman may not want to teach about Enlightenment in the overtly hierarchical, and top down, masculine model, preferring instead to share with others in a more inclusive circle, and so she is passed over by mainstream attention as merely a bit player, and remains unrecognized, even if her awakening is broad and deep.

Nowadays there are more and more women awakening, and many are stepping up to share about Enlightenment, but the myths persist and a women teacher can still be seen as different from other women and so not really an inviting mirror, but instead a special case.

We are all equal aspects arising from the One undivided sacred, and nondual source of all life, and that life is living itself through, and as, us - male or female.

If you are a woman, then Enlightenment is for you too...and behind what seems like a separate 'you' reading this page is the source of all life.... and what you have been seeking.

May 14, 2020


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